Production & Quality

We go beyond expectations

Quality is not only a question of control – it is something you create and integrate in everyday work. We are driven by our vision of foreseeing our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations – in product quality, as well as in customer service.

Every delivery is traceable throughout the production process. Each machine is optimised for a certain dimension range, thereby enhancing both precision and quality.

We are certified in accordance with international quality management systems.

Patented production methods without fossil fuel

The raw material for rectangular as well as round winding wire is rolled copper or aluminium wire. The rectangular wire is made in an extrusion process, in which the wire rod is pressed through a die to its final dimension. The wire is then enamelled or covered with yarn, foil or other insulating material, or a combination of materials.

The round wire is being given its dimension through one or more stages of cold drawing. The manufacturing is an in-line process, which means that the final drawing, annealing, enamelling and paraffin waxing are done in one single machine. Altogether, these features dramatically shorten lead times and increase our flexibility and availability.

Our patented paraffin wax method includes the advanced procedure of melting the wax directly on the wire. This method has influenced a whole industry into giving up benzine for this more environmentally friendly lubrication method.